Visit Sardinia for the WRC Rally, stay for the crystal clear sea & white sandy beaches

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    Sardinia is a staple on the World Rally Championship calendar. This WRC Rally is a popular one amongst fans and spectators at home. The rugged terrain is perfect for gravel action and amazing sights and photo opportunities. But there's more to Sardinia than just the rally. These tips will definitely help you to make the most of your trip to Sardinia.

    Sardinia: where the wild myrtle grows

    Crystal clear sea, bright and warm sun, white sandy beaches….No, not the Caribbean! This is Sardinia! But Sardinia is not only sunny beaches and azure water.

    Like many other holiday destinations, Sardinia is a much more quiet place in autumn and winter. But there are still many celebrations, interesting events and places to visit, even in winter. Sardinia means life and is loaded with traditions.

    Close to the action at the WRC Rally of Sardinia

    Among these fantastic events is of course the Emerald Coast Race, the Italian rally of the World Rally Championship: Rally Italia Sardegna. Heaps of fans gather for a couple of days to experience the excitement of the wild off-road races. The WRC rally Sardinia is a blend of Mediterranean nature, roaring car engines and tons of dust.

    The typical scents of Sardinia and its beautiful landscapes are the perfect frame for one of the most anticipated events of the year (no offence to Sant'Efisio). Olbia is the starting point of this wonderful adventure. An adventure that no real wildlife enthusiast should miss.

    The WRC Rally takes place during four exciting days, in which the rally drivers and their cars battle time, each other, and the rugged off-road tracks to win the title and prize. The thrilled crowd watches the stages from the front row. The bravest of them stand almost on the track, while the more cautious ones sit on the typical Sardinian smooth rocks. In the shade of thousand years old olive trees or amongst bushes of ‘corbezzoli' aka strawberry trees (good to eat… but be careful not to overdo it). Meanwhile, fearless drivers of all nations drive their rally cars like crazy.

    Rally Italia Sardegna 2022 - AndyHi8 (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
    Get close to the action at the WRC Rally of Sardinia | photo: AndyHi8

    The schedule of the rally changes from year to year and the locations involved change every time; in order to be constantly up to date with the latest news and to avoid losing even a single one of the challenges, it's best to keep your eyes on the official WRC website for the latest info.

    In 2022 the Rally Italia Sardegna took place from 2 June to 5 June 2022. The 2022 race was won by Ott Tänak.

    See more of the island after the WRC Rally of Sardinia

    After the excitement of the day, there's nothing more rewarding than a typical dinner in one of the wonderful restaurants in Olbia or in the nearby area. Enjoy a cold beer, a lovely wine, a platter of cured meats and Sardinian cheese or some other tasty specialities together with friends in one of the most spectacular surroundings you can ever imagine.

    The island of Tavolara outlining against the sunset, the blue and green sea, the white sand of the beaches and the magic of the coves to visit for a walk after dinner.

    Sardinia offers this and much more in October; for the most active ones, a cultural trip among the Nuragic wonders is certainly worth your while. After enjoying the WRC rally, it's nice and easy to reach Arzachena and the mysteries of Nuraghe Albucciu, the Temple of Malchittu and the Giant's Tombs of Coddu ‘Ecchiu and Li Lolghi.

    Sardinia is easy to explore. And while you're there to see the WRC Rally action, you might as well stay a bit longer to enjoy this beautiful island at its fullest.

    See for a full list of must-see things in Sardinia or check out useful tips below to plan your trip to Sardinia and the WRC rally.

    How to plan that amazing trip to Sardinia

    Want to get close to the action of other WRC rally events as well? How about the WRC Rally of New Zealand? Then check out the blog of our race mates at Rally NZ for heaps of info and tips about the WRC Rally Downunder.

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