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Travel geek Martijn having fun in New Zealand
Travel geek Martijn having fun

In 2010 DIY-OE (Do It Yourself Overseas Experience) launched, a travel blog for Kiwis and Aussies travelling to Europe or the USA & Canada on their working holiday. Heaps of great blog posts about exploring the many amazing countries, its yummy food culture, the festival scene and what not were published. DIY-OE was created by me, Digital Geek Martijn. Born in the Netherlands, in love with New Zealand and citizen of the world. That's me in one sentence.

When DIY-OE was launched my life could best be described as one extreme rollercoaster ride. Blogging about travel on DIY-OE was my way of adding stability and to give my life direction. It was also a great way to continue what I love doing: inspiring people in seeing more of the world. As soon as we understand other cultures, meet fellow travellers from all over the world and see the amazing things Mother Nature has created, we will understand why we need to take care of our planet and fellow human beings.

Six years later, I wasn't that happy anymore with the limiting name and set-up of DIY-OE. It's not just 18 to 30-year-olds that travel the world for 12 months. There are so much more people that read and benefit from the blog posts and travel tips that we published. As I wanted to go for a radical change, I did something that goes against my digital instincts: I took the DIY-OE blog down. Its time was up. But that didn't mean that I was cured of the travel bug or didn't like blogging anymore. On the contrary.

Rising from the ashes of DIY-OE: Travel.Geek.NZ

A new travel blog... One that isn't focussed on a certain age group, but only on specific reasons to travel to other countries. Any traveller of any age that loves to travel and loves the same topics will have a blast on this new travel blog. Meet Travel.Geek.NZ.

Our passion, your travel inspiration

I have travelled to heaps of awesome countries... I've even lived in some for some time. Every time I travel at least one of these topics is either the reason why I started that trip or was an important part of the things I did, see or tasted on that trip. My passions are probably also your passions, so these are the main categories on Travel.Geek.NZ. Not just in blog posts written by me but also by other travellers. And yes, we do publish guest posts.

Food: tasty travels

There's no better way to understand a culture than tasting its cuisine. Or seeing its ingredients in the supermarket or on local markets. Food adds spice to your travel stories. Literally, as I like my food to be spicy. 🙂  And no worries, it's not all vegetarian food that will be covered in this blog category as I'll be travelling with meat lovers as well.

Check out the latest blog posts in the Food Category.

Craft beer: cheers to travel

There are so many micro-breweries around the world that produce excellent (small) batches of awesome beers. It's no longer the standard pilsners or lagers. Nowadays it's all about IPA, DIPA, XPA, Stouts & Porters (barrel-aged and non-barrel-aged) but also the classics like Tripels and Quadrupels (can't forget about my European roots).

Have a taste of the blog posts that were posted in the Craft Beer Category.

Music: live & vinyl

When music spins (whether on vinyl, CD, MP3, FLAC or...), people will smile, have fun, start dancing and basically have a great time. Music is so important to me. In good times but also in bad times. I can't go to a new city without visiting at least one record store. Or party at, at least one festival or see a great (local) artist play live. Live music is even better than recorded music. It's the artist coming to life and showing his/her skills.

See the blog posts that have published so far in the Music Category.

Sleep: hotels, motels and hostels

As Gemini, I'm a flexible traveller... Staying at hostels is great and heaps of fun. But I can also enjoy the luxury of hotels, especially if they're a bit different like having a creative concept or being a design hotel. ???? "Where I lay my head is home, yeah. And the earth becomes my throne" ????

Have a look at the amazing accommodations we reviewed in the Sleep Category.

Mixed bag: ...but wait, there's more

Of course there's more. There's always that one blog post that couldn't be classified under one the Topics / Categories. Creating a new blog category would make it messy. Therefore we have the mixed bag blog category. It's always a surprise what you'll find there.

Check it out and see the posts in the Mixed Bag Category.

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