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Technology can make your travels easier, more fun or just plain geeky. In this category, you’ll find all our blog posts that cover new technology, geeky stuff and gadgets. All in plain English so everyone can enjoy it.

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National Video Game Museum in Holland

Game on in Zoetermeer (Holland): another amazing Dutch Video Game Museum

By Martijn / 28 December 2021 / 0 Comments

As a computer geek and arcade game freak, there is nothing more exciting than hearing about a Video Game Museum in the area or country you are travelling in. This time we are heading to the Video Game Museum in Zoetermeer in the Netherlands.

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Is reMarkable still the winner in the battle of the e-paper tablets?

By Martijn / 24 October 2021 / 69 Comments

About 2 years ago the reMarkable tablet was the winner for me in the battle of the e-paper tablets. A lot has happened in the market so what would happen if I was in the market for an alternative to traditional paper, a digital solution for taking notes, doodling, drawing and reading e-books? Would the […]

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Live stream festivals

How to live stream festivals like you are there

By Martijn / 13 August 2020 / 0 Comments

No time to travel to festivals or concerts around the world? Here’s the ultimate answer to see your favourite band from wherever you are: live stream festivals. Even if there is a geoblock in place, we’ll show you how to enjoy some of the best festivals in the world through live streaming.

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Airplane getting ready for departure

What to pack on your next trip? These items will make life easier!

By Martijn / 26 December 2019 / 0 Comments

The famous (or is it infamous?) question of what to pack on my trip is asked a lot online. Just Google ‘packing list’ and you’ll see heaps of examples, templates and tips. All a waste of my time. All I need are a few basic things and I’m a happy travelling geek.

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Small part of the collection of Computer Museum Zwolle

Why Zwolle is the most exciting Dutch destination for gamers

By Martijn / 11 August 2019 / 0 Comments

For most travellers, Zwolle is pretty much like going off the beaten path in The Netherlands. The city isn’t as big or popular as Amsterdam or Rotterdam but that is about to change. There is now an important reason why computer & game geeks will add Zwolle to their must-see travel list: Dutch Computer Museum.

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Dropped your smartphone? Covered by travel insurance

Travel insurance: how to save money in 5 scenarios

By Travel Geek / 30 July 2018 / 0 Comments

This won’t be a boring blog post about the importance of travel insurance. Yes, travel insurance is a boring topic. And we do understand that a post about it will sound like parents saying “do this, do that”. That’s not what we’re trying to do. We’ll make it more interesting to you… This blog post will […]

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reMarkable e-ink tablet

Quest for the best: is there a reMarkable alternative?

By Martijn / 8 July 2018 / 77 Comments

Recently I came across the reMarkable e-ink tablet. It triggered the “yeah, I want that gadget” hormone in my geeky mind immediately. But it isn’t something you buy as an impulse purchase. Time to do some research first and to answer the questions: Is there a Remarkable alternative that is better or cheaper? Well, here’s […]

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