How to explore every corner of Europe with Vueling: a great budget airline

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    Get to know the low fare airlines in Europe before you start your trip to Europe. There are so many different low cost aka cheap airlines there, that it pays to do some research. It's a great way to travel fast between major European cities without breaking the bank.

    We'll share our travel experience with cheap airlines, so you know where to get a bargain on travel. Vueling Airlines is a cheap airline based in Spain delivering unbelievable value for money.

    Why Vueling is one of our favourite cheap airlines

    In 2004 Vueling started flying from Barcelona in Spain. The airline was modelled on the concept of Jetblue in the USA, offering quality transport at an extremely low price. It's basically a cheap airline with service and friendly staff: low prices, high service. And from the first flight on Vueling, this proved to be true.

    The planes are either brand new or young and well maintained. Plus the interior is clean and vibrant, with yellow and grey accents everywhere. Seats are nice and comfy and come in the flavours:

    • Space One (from €20 extra) – first row and 20% more space. Added bonus: priority boarding + 2 pieces of cabin baggage
    • Space Plus (from €14 extra) – between rows 2 and 4, which means more space. Added bonus: priority boarding + 2 pieces of cabin baggage
    • Space(from €10 extra) – plain and simple: 20% more space
    • Front and back rows (from €2 extra) – just a seat, no added extras

    For all of these seats, you'll pay a small extra fee on top of the low fares. So you decide how much you want to pay for your travels and how much extra comfort you'll get.

    Vueling cheap airline Europe - photo: John
    Hop on a Vueling flight to see more of Europe without breaking the bank | photo: John

    Where Vueling flies to: cheap flights all across Europe

    In 2008 Vueling merged with competitor Clickair, making it what it is nowadays: “Southern Europe's most dynamic, most innovative airline”. Their words, but we definitely agree. They now have bases in various Europea countries from which they serve almost every country in Europe.

    Basically, you can fly on cheap airline Vueling from Aalborg (Denmark) to Zürich (Switzerland) and many cities in between and beyond. Think awesome European cities like London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Munich, Rome, Paris, and heaps more.

    Have a look at all Vueling destinations. A big plus is that Vueling flies to major airports and not to regional airports like some other cheap airlines do.

    The proof is in the pudding: show us the low fares! Flights from €13.49

    Low fares that's what it's all about with cheap airlines. Right? Well here are some of the low fares on Vueling. All prices below include taxes and administration fee. Check out these deals and you'll know why Vueling is one of our favourite cheap airlines in Europe.

    • Seville to Bilbao from €13.49 one-way
    • Barcelona to Ibiza from €17.99 one-way
    • Aalborg to Barcelona from €22.97 one-way
    • Birmingham to Barcelona from €27.99 one-way
    • Rome to Dubrovnik from €27.99 one-way
    • Amsterdam to Malaga from €32.99 one-way
    • Zurich to Santiago de Compostella from €37.99 one-way

    See for yourself: see all the special deals that Vueling has on offer now! As these deals are super-popular they will book out quickly, so don't wait.

    Please note, prices of flights can change at any time due to supply and demand. The above-mentioned “from prices” were correct at the time of publishing. If you see a deal that suits your plans and budget, book it asap as you don't want to miss out on low prices for flights to amazing destinations in Europe.

    Discount code for Vueling flights

    Every once in a while Vueling will publish promo codes for extra discounts on certain date & route combos. When we find a discount code for Vueling we'll publish it here:

    • Get up to 75% off your next Vueling flight with discount code FLY75 (valid on 28 September 2021 for flights between 13 October 2021 and 31 March 2022. Discount code valid on the Basic rate of certain Vueling routes).
    • More promo codes will be posted when we spot them.

    What are the baggage rules at Vueling?

    At Vueling, you are always allowed to take a cabin bag and an under-seat bag for free. All their fares include 2 items of hand luggage free of charge, “but the cabin bag will either be carried onboard or checked in at the desks, according to the type of booking”.

    Adding check-in baggage to your booking is always cheaper than adding it to your booking at the airport. When you pre-book your check-in baggage at Vueling, the costs will be ‘from' between €8 (15 kilos) and €25 (30 kilos). That's the from price (lowest possible price) as it also depends on your destination. Their booking site will show you all details when you book one of their low fares.

    Cheap airlines rule, but Vueling rocks

    Forget about other cheap airlines that lure you with fares that seem extremely low but adds a fee for everything from printing a boarding pass to checking in online. Vueling is the friendly cheap airline that flies to major airports, that have good public transport connections.

    So where will you be going? Having fun in the sun in Spain or Italy? Having a romance with the nightlife in Paris? Or…??? Simply book your next flight on Vueling and fill in the blanks. Travel cheap, travel happy!

    Vueling in times of COVID-19

    Of course, 2020 and 2021 have been weird years for the travel and tourism industry worldwide. So how did Vueling handle the Corona Virus and the COVID-19 pandemic? Just like other airlines, they are still handling and processes refunds. A massive admin job! But there is more.

    Vueling has launched the Flex & Care program so you can book your flight with confidence and peace of mind.

    • Free cancellation (flight credit). You won't lose your payment! You can cancel Vueling flights free of charge up to 48 hours before departure and get back the amount in the form of Flight Credit.
    • Free flight date change (FlexFly). All Vueling fares include one free flight change up to 2 hours before departure. You'll only have to pay the fare difference (if any).

    Where will Vueling take you on your European adventure?

    What are your travel plans in the next few years? Where will you go in Europe? Check our Vueling's destination map to get some extra inspiration for your travel plans.

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