Disclaimer: explaining the fine-print

The information on the Travel.Geek.NZ website is created with the utmost care. However – just like you – we are human so every once in a while a typo or a delayed update is possible. You are always more than welcome to contact us and point out which area or what text we need to improve. Together we can make this travel website even better than it is. Please keep in mind that some info on this website is time sensitive, things like prices or conditions may change. As we also depend on third-party information (like tips and info from you guys) you can send us an angry email or tweet about it (so we can fix it straight-away) but you cannot hold us responsible.

Copyright and intellectual property

Anything on the Travel.Geek.NZ website (text, images, design etc) is our intellectual property so we hold the copyright. This also includes stuff that you guys send us, like tips, photos, and videos (you basically hand over the copyright to us, unless we agree otherwise).

However, we feel free to share our posts & photos - without changing 'em - and make sure to link to the source aka this travel blog. Sharing is caring as long as it isn't stealing.

Third-party information

On the Travel.Geek.NZ website, there are these underlined or bold thingies called hyperlinks. If you click on them, you'll go to some other website (duh, internet 101). As Travel.Geek.NZ doesn't have any influence on the content of these websites, visiting them is at your own risk. No worries, we will never send you to dodgy websites. All links on our website are Travel.Geek.NZ approved, meaning we check before we publish.


We understand that you want to create your travel plans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, so we will do our utmost best to make sure our website is always available. However, we do need to do some updates or maintenance every once in a while so occasionally (usually in the middle of the night) the site might be down for a few minutes. Again you can send an angry email or tweet but we cannot be held responsible. The same goes for technical issues outside our control.

Affiliate links

Some links we add to blog posts are affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission on purchases you make via these links. It won't cost you anything extra, you're getting a great deal from the online shop. They just reward us with a small commission as a thank you for recomending them.

To be added as an affiliate link to our blog, we have strict guidelines. We only work with partners that we trust and know deliver good quality products or services. We ourselves are a customer of these brands, in most cases. This means that, for example, as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Okay, that's it for the boring legal stuff. Now it's time to be inspired by our blog posts and plant your next trip. Have fun.

Disclaimer: the long legal version

Craving Creativity is committed to keeping this website up to date and accurate. Should you nevertheless encounter anything that is incorrect or out of date, we would appreciate it if you could let us know. Please indicate where on the website you read the information. We will then look at this as soon as possible. Please send your response by email to: privacy-travelgeek@mrb.one.

We are not liable for loss as a result of inaccuracies or incompleteness, nor for loss resulting from problems caused by or inherent to the dissemination of information through the internet, such as disruptions or interruptions. When using web forms, we strive to limit the number of required fields to a minimum. For any loss suffered as a result of the use of data, advice or ideas provided by or on behalf of Craving Creativity via this website, Craving Creativity accepts no liability.

Responses and privacy inquiries submitted by email or using a web form will be treated in the same way as letters. This means that you can expect a response from us within a period of 1 month at the latest. In the case of complex requests, we will let you know within 1 month if we need a maximum of 3 months.

Any personal data you provide us with in the context of your response or request for information will only be used in accordance with our privacy statement.

Craving Creativity shall make every reasonable effort to protect its systems against any form of unlawful use. Craving Creativity shall implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to this end, taking into account, among other things, the state of the art. However, it shall not be liable for any loss whatsoever, direct and/or indirect, suffered by a user of the website, which arises as a result of the unlawful use of its systems by a third party.

Craving Creativity accepts no responsibility for the content of websites to which or from which a hyperlink or other reference is made. Products or services offered by third parties shall be subject to the applicable terms and conditions of those third parties.

All intellectual property rights to content on this website are vested in Craving Creativity.

Copying, disseminating and any other use of these materials is not permitted without the written permission of Craving Creativity, except and only insofar as otherwise stipulated in regulations of mandatory law (such as the right to quote), unless specific content dictates otherwise.

If you have any questions or problems with the accessibility of the website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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