Guest posting: your article on our travel blog

Digital nomads wanting to share stories about combining travelling and working? Working holiday travellers that would love to help fellow-travellers by sharing tips and advice? Companies or brands that want to share the launch of a revolutionary new travel product or service? Guest posting is a YES! At Travel.Geek.NZ we love working with you guys by publishing your texts. But there are some rules.

Rules for publishing on our travel blog

We don’t like rules and regulations but we simply need to have them as there are some “people” out there who have other intentions with guest posts. Yes, we are talking about you guys, the SEO companies or the SEO specialists that help brands to rank better in Google. We have nothing against you guys as long as you stick to our rules and deliver relevant blog posts.

  • We know the value of posting articles from guest bloggers and including a link on our blog.
  • And we do publish guest blog posts, so don’t ask us if we do.
  • Make sure your text is unique (we'll check it) and interesting to our fans, travellers (young at heart, not just age) from all over the world interested in exploring amazing places in combination with:
    • Experiencing great music, from festival to funky record stores;
    • Treating their taste buds with yummy local food (mainly vegetarian);
    • Tasting craft beer from local breweries, experiencing their creative takes on classic beers;
    • Sleeping in unique places, from design hotels to creative hostels.
  • Don’t write about a brand or product that isn’t even of interest to our fans. We’re all about travelling so don’t approach us about a French shoe polish product.
  • Adding photos that you own so you can grant us publishing rights will make your guest post even better and more interesting to our fans and fellow travellers.

Your text simply has to be unique AND relevant, dear guest bloggers!

If you stick to these rules chances are that your guest post will be published in our Travel.Geek.NZ travel blog. But do keep in mind that we:

  • Sometimes edit your text, especially if we think it could become an even better text.
  • Might remove links if you’ve put in too many to your company or product.
  • Might add extra links to things you mention in your text to add more value for our readers.
  • Occasionally will refuse a guest post if we think it isn’t suitable for our fans.
  • Check out the guest blog posts we have published so far.

Submitting your guest post

Sounds good? Are you ready to share your travel stories or tips? Then start writing your guest blog post today and submit it through our easy-to-use and secure contact form.

We aim to publish all guest blog posts as soon as possible but sometimes it may take a few weeks before we have time or space to publish your blog post. Of course, we’ll let you know when we’ll publish your guest post. And we really appreciate it if you promote your guest post on Travel.Geek.NZ with your fans and social media channels. You wouldn’t want your fans to miss the awesome guest post that just got published, aye?

Keep that in mind and start writing your guest blog post about travelling or travel related stuff. Travel.Geek.NZ is ready for you, guest bloggers from all over the world!

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