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    We simply love all these discount airlines in Europe. It's so easy and cheap to fly around. No matter where you're flying from there's always a discount airline (or two) to go for, instead of the regular airlines. Simply look around, compare fares, and you'll be discovering new countries or cities for a few bucks. That's one of the advantages of (temporarily) living in Europe.

    There's so much more to see and do in Europe than just Western Europe. Don't forget about Scandinavian countries like Finland or Sweden and the Baltic States like Latvia and Estonia. The most comfortable and cheapest way to get to any of these countries is by plane. And that brings us to the next chapter in our blog posts series about cheap airlines. It's time to see what airBaltic has to offer.

    We recently flew with them to Helsinki (Finland) via Riga (Latvia). Riga is their hub and it connects all flight to and from Eastern and Western Europe. airBaltic is a discount airline so the prices are low and you have to pay a fee if you would like to check in any luggage. Their carry-on policy is that you're allowed one carry-on bag (55 x 40 x 20 cm) and one personal item (30 x 40 x 10 cm) on the cheapest ticket.

    Show us the low prices on airBaltic

    It's easy to say that an airline is a budget or discount airline. It's even easier to show you the low prices of airBaltic. Check out these low-priced flights. Explore Europe from as low as €19.

    • Vilnius from €19
    • St Petersburg from €59
    • Lisbon & Madrid from €69
    • Malaga from €75

    See all airBaltic offers & seasonal deals for cheap flights to your favourite destinations in Europe.

    How was the flight on airBaltic?

    The airBaltic staff is extremely friendly. Their onboard prices for snacks and drinks are more than reasonable (€5 for coffee and yummy porridge). Also, they're extremely punctual. Even though our connection time at Riga airport was 30 minutes we never had to rush. Also, the staff told us on board already at what gate our next flight would be.

    Our new favourite discount airline

    We have a clear winner. Even though we still love to fly with easyJet and Vueling (a cheap way to explore Europe), airBaltic is our new favourite low-cost airline. As their route network covers heaps of Eastern and Western Europe they will definitely see us on board real soon. airBaltic is just perfect to see more of Europe, either on a weekend getaway, city trip, or holiday.

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