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    Is there anything more beautiful than an endless road, a great (reliable) car and your favourite tunes? It's road trip time… Recently I came across a list with 15 of the most legendary road trips. Great inspiration and awesome to see which ones you already have completed. That triggered an idea. I want to experience all these epic road trips.

    My epic road trips so far

    I'm fortunate to already have experienced some of these most legendary road trips. And I plan to do more and to see more. This blog post will be updated constantly, as soon as I've ticked off another road trip from the list. Car rental companies will love this challenge I've set myself. Luckily I'm a whizz at finding amazing deals on car hire worldwide. Here are the road trips I did so far… Including photos of course. Photos or it didn't happen. 🙂

    New Zealand: South Island Circuit

    This is the easiest one of all the legendary road trips as New Zealand is my second home country. Dutch heart, Kiwi blood is what this travel blogger is all about. The New Zealand South Island is officially ticked off my road trip bucket list. I've even seen many of the alternative routes on the South Island.

    The Netherlands: The Flower Route

    Another easy road trip for me. As Dutchie, I've probably done this road trip many times by bike, rollerblades or whatever “weird” means of transportation we use in that country. Hahaha. Nah, the road trip was done by car. Although I would like to do the trip again someday, a more focused Dutch road trip.

    USA: Blueridge Parkway

    The Blue Ridge Parkway has a special place on my road trip bucket list. North Carolina is sort-off my home state, having lived there for a while. And recently I went back to tick off the Blue Ridge Parkway. This time I was able to drive the full route (well almost) and take heaps of photos. Take your time when doing the Blue Ridge Parkway. Stop often to enjoy the views. Be prepared for a sudden change in the weather. It's almost like New Zealand, four seasons in one day. 🙂

    Austria: Grossglockner High Alpine Road

    The Grossglockner High Alpine Road is a relatively short and expensive road ( €36.50 for cars or campervans), but it is so worth it. The Grossglockner Pass is only 41 km in length but if you go to the Franz Josef Höhe as well – the road leading to the glacier on the Grossglockner mountain – it'll be a 56 km trip.

    The entrance fee allows you to return on the same day, so you can do some sort of reconnaissance mission first and stop at the best photo spots later. Later, at the end of the afternoon or the evening to take better photos than during the day.

    Road trips on the list, still to do

    There are still plenty of awesome road trips on my bucket list.

    • Argentina: Ruta 40
    • Australia: Great Ocean Road
    • Canada: Icefields Parkway
    • Hawaii: Road To Hana
    • Iceland: Route 1
    • Italy: Amalfi Coast
    • Japan: Irohazaka
    • Norway: Atlantic Ocean Road
    • Romania: Transfagarasan Road
    • South Africa: Garden Route
    • UK: Black Mountain Pass

    My inspiration: 15 legendary road trips around the world

    The infographic from CarDealerReviews.co.uk that inspired me to tick off the most legendary road trips.

    15 most legendary roadtrips
    Can I tick off all of these most legendary roadtrips?


    He is the digital geek that started it all. First as DIY-OE, then as Travel.Geek.NZ. Dutch roots, Kiwi heart. His favourite countries to travel in can be found in Australasia, Europe & USA.

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