Iconic trip to the red heaven of the Ferrari Museum in Italy

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    No matter if you're a petrol head or not, the Ferrari name rings a bell for almost anyone. The name is synonymous with speed, victory, and the colour red. When we had the chance to make a stopover in Maranello (close to Modena), we went for it straight away. Why? Maranello is home to the famous Ferrari brand and home of the Ferrari Museum. No car geek can say no to an opportunity like that!

    The Ferrari Museum (or Museo Ferrari as the Italians call it) is the new name of the Galleria Ferrari, the Ferrari factory museum dedicated to Ferrari cars, its drivers, and its technical skills and innovations.

    Arriving in Maranello by car, the first thing you see is the Ferrari factory. It's an impressive building with even more impressive security measures. All you can do there is stand in front of the gate and maybe see a (new) Ferrari car drive by on the compound (we were so lucky).

    The Ferrari museum is located 300 metres from the Ferrari factory and is much more welcoming. The staff is friendly, dressed in red racing uniforms (did you expect to see any other colour here?), and they speak English.

    Getting to the Ferrari museum in Maranello

    This is the last piece of text we're writing about the Ferrari museum, promised. Just a few more words to tell you how to get there, then it's time for tons of photos of these amazing cars.

    • Location of the Ferrari museum: Maranello (close to Modena) in Italy
    • Getting there: Maranello is a 2 hours drive from Milan and only a 50 minutes drive from Bologna.
    • Opening times: 363 days a year (closed on 25 December and 1 January), from 9:30 am to 7 pm (April-October) and 9:30 am to 6:00 pm (November-March)
    • Entrance fee: €16
    • Factory tour: purchase museum ticket & factory ticket (see for details)
    • More info on the official website of the museum

    Amazing cars and innovative technology at the Ferrari museum

    Note: This blog post was posted between 2010 and 2015 when we were called DIY-OE. As we’re still happy with the quality, it was published again on our new blog Travel.Geek.NZ

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