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    For everyone who's partying at the summer festival season in Europe, did you know there are also winter music festivals in Europe? This means no muddy or dusty festival sites but heaps of fun in a snowy area while listening to your favourite bands and DJs. And one of these festivals is the Snowbombing winter festival.

    We're a big fan of the European festival scene… But as you all know, Mother Nature can be fickle: not every summer festival in Europe is the tropical getaway you were hoping for.

    Hey, the line-up makes up heaps but we prefer dusty and sunny over rainy and muddy. We can't wait what the European festival summer will be like this year. But we're also looking forward to the winter festival season.

    Winter? Festivals? Yup! Take for instance the Snowbombing winter festival as the upcoming edition promises to be one hell of a winter festival.

    Top 5 reasons why you should visit Snowbombing at least once

    Well, we already covered the mud/dust and sun vs snow and sun, so let's focus on the other reasons why Snowbombing rocks.

    1. Party in an igloo: sip Glühwein whilst world-class DJs are spinning

    Have you ever partied so close to the stars that you can almost touch them? Ever danced the night away inside a real igloo complete with two dance areas, a chill out space fitted with luxurious fur rugs and three bars sculptured entirely from ice and snow? Probably not. Then welcome to the Snowbombing Arctic Disco! A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    2. Fancy dress: ever seen 6,000 people dressed up?

    Here’s your chance… Fancy dress has always been a crucial ingredient of this winter festival, ever since the phrase Snowbombing was first uttered. It'll be Austria's largest fancy dress street party. The Snowbombing winter festival is inherent to fun and silliness. It's part of the festival's DNA. It's the greatest party get-ups of all time!

    3. World-class-line-up: no festival can do without it

    Of course, Snowbombing has always booked amazing acts from around the world. As this year it's Snowbombing's 20th birthday, the line-up will be their biggest ever to date. The line-up will be announced soon but it'll treat Snowbombers to high octane, adrenaline-fueled performances like no other!

    4. Snow: more white powder than you can handle in a weekend

    Yeah we know, we mentioned already that Snowbombing is a winter festival but there's a difference between snow and snow. Snowbombing is blessed with stunning alpine peaks and panoramic snow covered plateaus. With 625 km’s of pistes, Austria’s steepest piste, a 3286m glacier AND an award-winning terrain park, Snowbombing offers pure powdery perfection.

    The Ahorn Abfart is one of the best runs in Mayrhofen. It's a life-affirming descent of 3,700 feet in around 15 mins! There is something here for everybody, from sunny summit slopes (no trees) to deep snow areas with bumps, powder runs and fun slopes.

    5. It's he best of both worlds

    Combine your love of powder snow and winter sport with your love for music. Watching all these amazing DJs and bands at Snowbombing after a day of skiing is so much better than listening to Austrian apres-ski music via your music streaming service. Try something new: rocking and dancing in the snow!

    What makes Snowbombing 2019 so special?

    It'll be the biggest party ever! Snowbombing 2019 aka SB19 will be literally the greatest show on snow. The Snowbombing winter festival will be celebrating its 20th anniversary, showcasing over a hundred acts in the most unique venues imaginable. How does a pop-up butcher's shop party, igloo rave, an enchanted forest party sound? And it'll all take place in one of the finest ski resorts in Europe. How many more reasons do you need? If there's one Snowbombing edition you must experience it's Snowbombing 2019.

    Snowbombing: when, where and how?

    Snowbombing takes place in Mayrhofen, a town in the Zillertal in the Austrian state of Tyrol. It is located approximately an hour from the Tyrolean capital city Innsbruck.

    • Dates: 8 to 13 April 2019
    • Line-up 2019: ….to be announced soon….
    • Accommodation: There are heaps of hotels and hostels to be found in Mayrhofen (incl. cute Austrian hotels called “Gästehaus”).

    Why wait? You don't want to miss out on the fun of Snowbombing this year. Book a cheap flight to Innsbruck and you're good to go.

    Photos of past editions: Snowbombing winter festival

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