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    Even when you're overseas (travelling and having fun) you can still celebrate NZ Music Month. Of course, you have loaded your phone or Spotify playlist with your favourite Kiwi tunes, so play them loud in the next few weeks. Play ‘m loud at work, at parties, at home, or wherever you are. But the best way to celebrate NZ Music Month overseas is by going to a gig of the many Kiwi bands that are touring overseas at the moment.

    New Zealand bands on the road overseas during NZ Music Month

    Nothing beats live music. And nothing beats an awesome NZ band playing live overseas in the month May. Have a look at the list below, pick your favourite band and support them this NZ Music Month (or the months afterwards). Party on.


    Europe (various countries)

    • Fat Freddy's Drop is touring Europe from 3 August 2018 onwards… Okay, it's not during NZ Music Month but it's still pretty awesome to see 'em in these smaller venues and at festivals throughout Europe.
    • Lorde is doing a tour through Europe, which starts in London on 26 May 2018. Perfect for celebrating NZ Music Month in the UK. More dates in the UK, Spain and Portugal are planned in June.


    • Katchafire is doing a tour of the USA from 13 June 2018 onwards… Yeah yeah, it's not in May (aka NZ Music Month) but still, awesome aye if you happen to be in the USA.
    • Gin Wigmore is touring the USA from 6 June 2018 onwards… Same story, not in NZ Music Month but still great news for our American mates.
    • Kora has a gig planned at Do Not Sit On The Furniture in Miami on 19 May 2018… And if you want to catch them at the Enter The Monastery As The Gardens Of Babylon festival (3 days) at the Kloster Graefenthal make sure to travel to Goch Germany and not Arcen, The Netherlands (as some sites have listed it incorrectly). Check this for the correct info.

    Make every month NZ Music Month

    Not in the area where these Kiwi bands will be playing in May (or later in the year)? Then turn up the volume of your smartphone or hi-res music player and enjoy Kiwi music wherever you are. Let's make every month NZ Music Month.

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