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    This won't be a boring blog post about the importance of travel insurance. Yes, travel insurance is a boring topic. And we do understand that a post about it will sound like parents saying “do this, do that”. That's not what we're trying to do. We'll make it more interesting to you… This blog post will save you money. These real-life scenarios (some of 'em have happened to us) will show you how travel insurance will save you heaps of money. 

    Getting travel insurance is a cost. Fact. And it is thinking about things you don't want to happen when you are about to leave New Zealand to explore the world. But not having travel insurance means that you will have to pay for all the nasty things that can happen overseas.

    #1. Dropping your gadgets on the concrete floor of an airport

    Flying is fun. Airports are fun. But security checks aren't fun at all. Depending on the time of day and the airport, the lines at these airport security checks can be enormous. Plus the security staff isn't the most friendly of helpful staff (especially in the USA).

    You'll be in a hurry to get through security as fast as possible get to your (next) flight. Then it's easy to cut a corner near the X-ray machine and drop your gadgets on the floor. Even though most smartphones have gorilla glass, they still can't cope well with concrete floors at airports. Or do as we recently did, dropping our tablet on the concrete floor of Sydney airport. It sure looked like component fest 2018. Luckily, damaged personal electronics are covered by travel insurance

    #2. Someone nicks your iPad

    While using the escalator to go to the Tube in London someone grabbed your bag. And you fell because of it, hurting your hand. Luckily your travel insurance covers both, your stolen bag with iPad and your stitched-up hand. Medical stuff overseas? Yep covered by your comprehensive travel insurance: medical emergencies and hospital expenses.

    #3. Your hi-res audio player is even keener on travelling than you

    As you were flying with an airline that had awesome in-flight entertainment you packed your hi-res audio player in your checked luggage. No worries. It's all taken good care of by the airline. But for some reason, your airline (or its baggage handlers) decided that your bag would love to fly to New York, while you're on your way to London. It can happen, approximately 35 million bags get lost each year worldwide Then it's good to know your travel insurance has got you covered: luggage delay allowance

    Hi-res audio player
    All your important stuff is covered by travel insurance

    #4. Cheese that came with a surprise

    Who doesn't love cheese? In many countries around the world, they have so much more cheese varieties than just Cheddar, Edam or Colby. Going for a cheese platter with your craft beer or local wine is one of the tastiest experiences overseas. Until you fill sick the next day and need to rush to the bathroom… We won't go into details but a stomach bug, gastro or whatever it is will mean that you will have to open the floodgates for several days and stay inside. In bed, close to the bathroom is the best option.

    And you won't be in any condition to fly… Not just because it's unpleasant to spend the majority of the flying time in that tiny aeroplane toilet, but mainly because it's a health hazard to other passengers. You're officially unfit to fly and will have to rebook your flights…. Aka pay a fee for changing that cheap non-refundable ticket. Airline change fees and medical costs are all covered by your travel insurance.

    #5. Slippery slopes

    Ready to have fun on the ski fields in Canada, USA or Europe? Or maybe you want to try a different local winter sport: speed ice skating in Northern Europe, curling in Canada or the USA or any other fun sport on ice or snow? Careful as it's easy to mess up and break something. Need we continue? Travel insurance will take care of the medical costs when you get hurt overseas.

    Conclusion: travel insurance protects you and your valuables

    You probably saw that conclusion coming. And yet it's so true. We can't stress it enough: travel insurance is as necessary as a visa or luggage when going on an overseas trip. And trust us, it doesn't have to break the bank.

    Go for a free online quote at 1Cover and see how little they charge to be covered. It'll costs you a little amount of money now to get travel insurance, but you'll save heaps in the long run as you won't have to pay the bills when things go wrong overseas.

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