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    Want to get away for a few hours from the madness of Las Vegas? Looking for an original and unique thing to do in between the gambling, partying and the shows? Interested in experiencing the classic look and feel of Vegas? The Neon Museum in Las Vegas is exactly what you are looking for.

    The Boneyard at the Neon Museum is where Las Vegas neon signs go to when their life in Sin City is over. It’s heaven for neon signs. And heaven for everyone looking for that oldskool Vegas feel. You can walk around and in between neon signs from long ago, some are in working order while others are lying around as is.

    The Neon Museum is one of the many amazing things to do and see in Las Vegas, but it definitely is a must-see if you’re a fan of that classic Vegas feel. It’s amazing to see all these classic neon signs, but for a limited time there is more….

    Tim Burton at the Neon Museum

    Between 15 October 2019 and 15 February 2020 there’s another reason to visit the Neon Museum in Las Vegas: the Tim Burton exhibition Lost Vegas. Various props or models from classic Tim Burton films are displayed between the neon signs. It’s like a scavenger hunt to find ‘em all. Tres cool.

    When you buy a ticket, you’ll get access to the Neon Museum Boneyard (classic neon signs) and all the Tim Burton stuff. You’ll have to select your hour of arrival, but no worries you can stay longer than an hour.

    Visiting the Neon Museum

    • What: Neon Museum + Tim Burton's Lost Vegas exhibition, two amazing exhibits for the price of one ticket.
    • Where: 770 Las Vegas Boulevard North, Las Vegas, NV 89101
    • Tickets: via the official website
    • Photos: can only be taken with a mobile phone. If you intend to bring a more professional camera you’ll need to buy a photographer permit. You can still take amazing photos with just a mobile (see below).
    • Extra info: the Neon Museum is an outdoor museum, so dress accordingly, it can get hot out there in summer.

    Photos of my visit to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas

    No need to talk any longer. These photos of my visit of the Neon Museum and the Tim Burton exhibition will say it all: it's a must-visit when in the Vegas area…. If you are a Tim Burton fan or fan of classic Las Vegas signs… Click on the photos for the big, hi-res versions.

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