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    When planning a city trip to Spain, a lot of people immediately think of Barcelona or Madrid. But there are more amazing cities in Spain, a lot more. Seville is one of the Spanish cities you should add to your must-visit list. Start reading this blog post and you'll know why.

    In our opinion, there's one city that's even more fun and more relaxing than Barcelona or Madrid. A bold statement and we'll do our best to convince you it's true. The fourth biggest city of Spain, Seville (or Sevilla as the Spanish call it) has heaps to offer but is not as crowded as the other cities mentioned before.

    Is Seville worth visiting? Why should I visit it?

    Whatever the reason for travelling or what kind of traveller you are, Seville has something to offer for you. Culture vultures, shopaholics, foodies, craft beer fans and digital nomads, you will all have a great time in Seville.

    Your city-trip to Seville starts here

    • Getting there: flying is always easier and more fun. You can fly to Seville airport (SVQ), which is only a 15 minutes car ride from the city. Or you can opt to fly to Jerez Airport (XRY), which is an hour drive from Seville.
    • Finding cheap flights to Seville: Vueling offers cheap flights from all over Europe to Seville. More info about Vueling and why it's a great way to travel in Europe without breaking the bank.
    • Where to stay: there are plenty of affordable accommodation options in Seville to choose from, ranging from good hotels to nice hostels.
    • Getting around: as Seville isn't that big it's easy to walk to most places. But if it's too hot or you're in a lazy mood, you can always hop on a bus, tram, or metro.
    • Weather: Seville is the hottest spot in Spain. In Summer temperatures of 35°C to 40°C are quite common. The best time to visit Seville is definitely spring or autumn (fall) as it isn't as hot as in summer but still nice, warm & sunny.
    • Preparing for your trip: browse this list of travel books about Seville or the Andalucia region or check out this online Spain destination guide.

    Experience Seville via our time-lapse video

    This is what to expect in Seville… You'll see it all in our 2 minutes time-lapse video. A bit oldskool as we created this video in 2013. Time flies when you're having fun travelling.

    Seville for culture vultures: what Seville is famous for

    Seville has so many interesting sights (museums, landmarks and more) to offer. Take for example these, the things Seville is famous for:

    • Plaza de España (landmark)
    • St. Mary of the See Cathedral (landmark), one of the largest medieval and Gothic cathedrals
    • Royal Tobacco Factory (landmark), the first tobacco factory in Europe
    • Metropol Parasol aka the Seville Mushrooms (landmark), largest wooden structure in the world
    • Flamenco Art Museum
    • Archaeological Museum
    • Andalusian Contemporary Art Centre
    • Parque de María Luisa (park), built for the World Fair of 1929
    • Real Alcazar of Seville (fortress)
    Plaza de España in Seville, Spain
    Overview of Plaza de España in Seville, Spain

    Seville Mushrooms

    A very cool landmark, where the new world meets the old: Setas de Seville (Seville Mushrooms). It's an amazing architectural and modern project, built in the old quarter of Seville. As they discovered heaps of Roman and Moorish remains, the built was delayed. It also meant they had to change the design and raise the structure. It now consists of four levels:

    • Level 0: Antiquarium, where Roman and Moorish remains are displayed in a museum
    • Level 1 (street level): Central Market.
    • Levels 2 and 3 are the two stages of the panoramic terraces (including a restaurant), offering amazing views of the city centre (especially during sunset).

    Roman ruins at Italica

    If you're interested in Roman remains, then you definitely have to visit the village of Santiponce, located 9 km from Seville. There you'll be able to visit the Italica site, an unusually well-preserved Roman city of Hispania Baetica. It's a massive site so it never feels crowded. More info about Italica.

    Shop till you drop in Seville

    So you like to shop? Perfect, there are plenty of places where you can do that in Seville. Of course, you'll find flagship stores of your favourite Spanish clothing brands here, for instance, Desigual, Springfield, and Zara.

    In the city centre (old quarter) there are plenty of shops to keep you busy for a while. Most shopping streets are covered with cloth, but if it still gets too hot, you can always go to the air-conditioned shopping centres. And trust us, entering these shopping centres on a hot summer day is just heavenly.

    Nervion Plaza shopping centre

    This is the smaller shopping centre of two and the easiest one to reach. You simply hop onto the metro on Puerta de Jerez and exit a few stops later at Nervion. Easy as. Nervion is the shopping centre that is next to the Sevilla FC football club. You can shop, see a movie (beware of Spanish dubbing), or go to a football match.

    Los Arcos

    From Nervion Plaza you can take the metro one stop further to Gran Plaza and walk 1km to Los Arcos shopping centre. Personally, we prefer Los Arcos because it houses more shops. It's bigger and there's just more to do and see.

    Centro Comercial Torre Sevilla

    A smaller shopping centre closer to the city centre of Seville. You'll find all the basics here, from fashion to groceries. Perfect for a shopping trip at the end of the day to get your basics for the next few days. Less fun-shopping, more necessity-shopping. See for more info about this shopping centre.

    Enjoy the yummy food and cold drinks

    As in all big cities stay away from any bar and restaurant that is located near tourist attractions. These establishments are made for tourists and aren't the real Spanish deal. Plus they're expensive compared to the bars and restaurants locals visit.

    Simply go to the smaller (back) streets for a place that is packed with locals and doesn't have a menu in English. And keep in mind that tapas are small yet tasty bites, small portions. Order a few of these and share them with your travel partner. Order a simple house wine or draft beer then eat, enjoy and repeat.

    Patio San Eloy

    The decor of this place is amazing. So many blue mosaic tiles covering the walls and steps. Lots of places to sit here, just sit on the steps. Patio San Eloy used to be a bathing house many many years ago, therefore the mosaic tiles.

    Eating tapas in Sevilla Spain
    Tasty Spanish tapas at Patio San Eloy in Seville

    Casa Morales

    One of these places is Casa Morales at García de Vinuesa 11 in Seville. You have to be able to speak and understand Spanish as they don't speak English there, but you'll have some of the best food there. And at a reasonable price.

    Casa Morales is divided into a bar area and a restaurant area and both areas aren't open all day. They open for lunch between 2pm and 5pm and dinner from 8.30pm until late.

    Definitely have a glass of Manzanilla when you're there. Don't be alarmed, it's a variety of sherry but it tastes nothing like it. It has a very vibrant and refreshing taste.

    Or go for an icy cold Cruzcampo beer, the pride of Andalusia (the Seville region). Even though Cruzcampo is now owned by Heineken, the Andalusians still consider it their local beer. But there is more and even better hoppiness to taste in Seville.

    Eating yummy tapas in Sevilla Spain
    Tapas time at Casa Morales in Seville

    Craft beer tastings in Seville, Spain

    The following bars and (brew) pubs offer a good selection of Spanish and international craft beer. They all have a nice selection on tap and more to choose from by the can or bottle. And of course, most of them offer really good food.

    • La Jerónima – a great combo of craft beers and a library with small-press publications. Located at Calle Jerónimo Hernandez 14 in Seville (more info).
    • BierKraft – good (international) food and great beers. This place was opened by two New Yorkers so it has more of an international feel than a Spanish one, but still a must-visit craft beer place in Seville. Located at C/Correduría 35 in Seville (more info).
    • Lartesana – a nice selection of Spanish and international craft beers. This place can get quite hot in summer. Located at Avda Recaredo 35 in Seville (more info).
    • Hops & Dreams – great food & awesome beers is what Hops & Dreams is all about. Located at Jesus del Gran Poder 83 in Seville (more info).

    Co-working spaces in Seville

    Digital Nomads that want to travel to Seville to spend a bit more time there while combining work & travel are in luck. There are some great and affordable co-working spaces available in Seville.

    • workINcompany (13 Calle Rioja) can be found in the heart of the city. It is one of the first co-working spaces in Seville. They're open Monday to Friday and offer 24-hour access. More info about this co-working space.
    • La Bañera (4 Plaza Pelícano) is also located in the heart of the city. They offer 24-hour access 7 days a week, so a better option for those that want to have the most flexibility when it comes to working. Or for digital nomads that have to deal with the time difference between Europe and New Zealand or Australia. Now you can start working when your Kiwi or Aussie mates start working when it's Monday morning over there. More info about this co-working space.

    Is Seville better than Barcelona?

    Are you still wondering which Spanish city to visit? Can't decide between the popular city of Barcelona and Seville? Answering the question of which city is better or more fun is a tough one. It's something that will be different for everyone.

    However for us, after having visited Barcelona and Seville several times, Seville just has more to offer than Barcelona. Seville isn't as popular or crowded as Barcelona. And the city has so much to offer, just like Barcelona. Overall, we like the vibe of Seville better. It is our most favourite city in Spain.

    What will you do in Seville?

    As you can see, the question isn't do you need to visit but rather when will you visit Seville on your Spain trip. Will you go for the history, the amazing food or the tasty craft beers? Or all of the above. Feel free to share your ultimate Seville tip in the comment section below.

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