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    Looking for a great start of your Las Vegas trip? A hotel that offers more than just a good night sleep? Check out this list of my all-time favourite hotels in Las Vegas and see why they are better than the rest. Each hotel is unique and has something special to offer.

    On my travels, I have stayed at quite a few hotels in Las Vegas. Let’s go through the ones that have made it to my all-time favourites list…. It'll be the perfect travel inspiration for your upcoming trip to Las Vegas.

    My favourite hotels in Las Vegas

    Every time I visit Las Vegas I’m staying at a different hotel. Not because I didn’t like the previous one but because I like to experience a different environment.

    Each hotel in Las Vegas has a different theme and a different vibe. It’s always exciting to check into a different hotel. And there are always amazing deals to be found on hotels in and around Las Vegas.

    The Strat (formerly known as the Stratosphere)

    Back in the day, there was The Stratosphere hotel. Nowadays, it is called The Strat and it has undergone extensive refurbishment. You can’t miss the Strat as it’s located at the far end of the famous Las Vegas Strip. You can see its tower with the rollercoaster on top from far away.

    Pink Cadillac skyline with Stratosphere Hotel
    The Stratosphere is easy to spot | photo: NeOnBrand

    The hotel itself is just a good hotel. Nothing wrong with it. But that also means that it can be a bit boring as it’s just a good hotel in Vegas. Although the tower next to it and the rollercoaster on top makes it more than just a regular hotel.

    • Name: The Strat (formerly known as The Stratosphere)
    • Address: 2000 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104, USA
    • Hotel deal: see all discount deals for the STRAT Hotel & Casino in Vegas
    • Close to a Monorail station: not really (16-minute walk from Sahara Las Vegas Monorail Station)
    • Parking: free self-parking
    • Positives: my favourite video Blackjack game can be found here
    • Negatives: none, just a good hotel & casino in Las Vegas
    • Would I come back again: no, once is enough

    Note: my last stay here was when it was still called The Stratosphere, but I have re-visited it while the rebranding to The Strat was going on (in 2019).

    Oyo (formerly known as Hooters)

    Recently the Hooters hotel was purchased by the OYO chain, which caused a name change. Although there’s still an area in the hotel called Hooters. This hotel has been a favourite of mine for a long time simply because of its vibe. It’s a more relaxed environment to be in as it’s more alternative, down to earth and more rock than most of the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

    • Name: OYO Hotel & Cassino
    • Address: 115 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA
    • Hotel deal: check out all discount deals for OYO Hotel & Casino in Vegas
    • Close to a Monorail station: MGM monorail station is just across the street
    • Parking: free self-parking
    • Type of room during my stay: normal
    • Positives: good room with a super-comfy bed
    • Negatives: none, I loved the small-town and rock & roll feel at this hotel
    • Would I come back again: yes, if they have kept the relaxed atmosphere of the classic Hooters hotel

    Note: during my last stay here it was still called Hooters. I still need to revisit it now that it has been turned into OYO Hotel & Casino Las Vegas.

    MGM Grand

    The MGM hotel is easy to find, a big green-ish building more at the beginning of the Las Vegas Strip. The hotel has a great concert venue (on my last visit I saw the final tour of Slayer there) and there are lots of restaurants and shows. The hotel itself is good. Perfect for a good night’s sleep in Vegas.

    MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas
    A classic yet always interesting stay in Las Vegas: the MGM Grand

    The MGM Grand is an amazing complex. You don't need to go to another place, you've got it all under the MGM roof: great food, pool fun and lots of entertainment. And of course, plenty of slot machines to choose from.

    • Name: MGM Grand Las Vegas
    • Address: 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA
    • Hotel deal: see all deals & low prices for the MGM Grand Hotel in Vegas
    • Close to a Monorail station: MGM Grand Monorail Station (in-house)
    • Parking: paid parking
    • Type of room during my stay: normal
    • Positives: great food options, especially the breakfast selection.
    • Negatives: none
    • Would I come back again: yes, my stay at the MGM Grand was pleasant so I would definitely go back there on my next Vegas trip.

    New York New York

    Across the street from the MGM, you will find New York New York. You can’t miss this hotel due to its New York skyline façade and the rollercoaster going over and under it. This hotel is one of my recent favourites simply because of the theme. It has been perfectly executed and it’s like walking on the streets of the Big Apple.

    Skyline of New York New York Hotel
    Staying at New York New York Hotel in Las Vegas feels like staying in New York

    The room in New York New York was one of the best ones I've experienced in Las Vegas: Marquis Suite. Yes it may cost a bit more than a regular hotel room but it is so worth it. It’s huge and has all the luxury you need, from a jacuzzi in the room to a really good TV and sound system.

    • Name: New York-New York Hotel & Casino
    • Address: 3790 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA
    • Hotel deal: check out these amazing deals for New York New York Hotel in Vegas
    • Close to a Monorail station: MGM Grand Station is just across the street (via the walkway overbridge)
    • Parking: paid parking
    • Type of room during my stay: Marquis Suite
    • Positives: Comfy bed, spacious suite and good geek features like wifi, TV and a great sound system!
    • Negatives: none
    • Would I come back again: yes definitely. My stay at New York New York was great therefore it's on my list of all-time favourite hotels in Las Vegas.

    Ellis Island: hotel, casino and brewery

    When staying at Ellis Island you have to ignore two things:

    1. The entrance and lobby that looks like an ordinary motel entrance and lobby. Small, messy and outdated.
    2. The hallways look like motel hallways.

    Just ignore these things and you’ll soon discover why Ellis Island is on my all-time favourite hotels in Las Vegas list. The rooms are refurbished…. And really good refurbished.. As a matter of fact, they are refurbishing the whole hotel and are doing it back to front which means the rooms are super nice but the hallways and entrance aren’t done yet.

    Ellis Island Hotel sign
    Welcome to Ellis Island Hotel, Casino & Brewery in Las Vegas

    The biggest plus point of staying at Ellis Island is the fact that they have a craft beer brewery on-site. And you’ll get the first crowler refill on the house. As of 6 December 2019 they finally opened the Bier Garten so you can enjoy these crafty brews with some tasty food in the Beer Garden as well.

    • Name: Ellis Island Casino & Brewery
    • Address: 4178 Koval Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA
    • Hotel deal: list of all deals & discounts for Ellis Island Hotel in Vegas
    • Close to a Monorail station: a block away, 5-10 minutes walk from Bally's station
    • Parking: free parking
    • Type of room during my stay: King Suite (non-smoking)
    • Positives:
      • Great craft beer on-site (first crowler fill is free)
      • Awesome rooms, the suites are spacious, high-quality and nicely priced
      • Nice balcony to sit & relax (and enjoy a few beers) after a long day of fun on the Strip
      • Good coffee & appliances in the room
    • Negatives: none
    • Would I come back again: hell yeah, this was one of the best stays in Las Vegas!!!!!

    My least favourite hotel in Las Vegas

    It can’t be all good in Vegas. No worries. Less favourable experiences have happened as well. Although I do like to focus on the positive things and to make sure that my all-time favourite hotels are on this list. However, there is one special mention for a Vegas hotel I DO NOT RECOMMEND.

    Flamingo: the one to stay away from

    The Flamingo hotel is by far the worst Las Vegas hotel I stayed at. From the moment of checking in it was a disappointment, This is a hotel that makes promises but doesn’t deliver.

    For example, when I stayed there I booked a Go room with Strip View that was advertised as having a Denon Sound System. However, when we entered the room there was only a crappy TV (not a lot of channels and lots of static on some) and no Denon sound system. There were only audio cables from the Denon sound system that once was there. The staff never really cared about our feedback and insisted this was the room we booked.

    Have a look at the photos below and see for yourself the difference between what the Flamingo hotel advertises and what they deliver.

    • Name: Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
    • Address: 3555 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA
    • Hotel deal: In case you do want to check it out, see current deals & discounts for the Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas
    • Close to a Monorail station: yes, close to Bally's station
    • Parking: yes (paid)
    • Type of room during my stay: Go Room King Strip View
    • Positives: SMS service to let staff know when room needed service or when other things are needed
    • Negatives:
      • Denon Sound System (promised on the confirmation) not present, just cables where it used to be… And staff denied the room supplied was different than on the confirmation email and denied there should be a Denon sound system in the room.
      • Oldskool, low-quality TV with a limited amount of channels
      • Below average room service. We never use the daily clean or change sheets & towel service as that's a waste. Then one time we did request the room to be serviced, the linen was just put on the bed and we needed to do it ourselves.
      • Annoying & persistent “Wyndham” sales desk near the elevators
    • Would I come back again: never, the room felt like a below-average motel room. It definitely didn't feel like being at a nice hotel. From the grumpy check-in to the quality of the rooms, it just wasn't a good match. Remember: the room we selected wasn't the cheapest room option so imagine what lower-priced rooms are like. Unfortunately, Flamingo Hotel & Casino didn't reach a spot on my favourite hotels in Las Vegas.

    Finding the perfect hotel in Las Vegas for your trip

    You might have tons of questions about finding a hotel in Las Vegas. And some might not even agree with how I plan my trips and book my hotels in Las Vegas. Everyone has different things that are important when judging a hotel. Fair enough. The above text is coming from my personal experience when staying as a normal, paying guest in these hotels. This is my honest opinion.

    But to answer some of your questions already….

    Why do you only stay at hotels on the Strip?

    For me, Las Vegas is The Strip. That’s the true Las Vegas experience for me. Every time when I’m in Las Vegas I try to go to the Fremont district to experience the oldskool Vegas feel, but it has never happened. There’s simply too much to do and see on the Strip.

    Why use the monorail in Las Vegas?

    I love the Las Vegas Monorail. It’s by far the easiest way to get around on the Strip in Las Vegas. You’ll beat the summer heat (the monorail has aircon) and you can drink all you want without needing a designated driver. Therefore, I always mention how close or how far a specific hotel is from the closest Las Vegas Monorail station.

    Check out current prices and deals on Monorail tickets for your upcoming Las Vegas trip. These tickets come with free cancellation, 24 hours in advance, to get a full refund.

    Why haven’t you stayed at this or that hotel in Las Vegas?

    I’m still working my way through all the hotels in las Vegas. What’s your favourite hotel to stay at when in Las Vegas? Post it in the comments and I’ll try to check it out on my next trip to Las Vegas.

    Post any remaining questions as a comment and I’ll be more than happy to answer it. Have a great time in Las Vegas.

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